Sunday, December 12, 2010

Racist Longview Police Regime Terrorist Jamie Ellyn Goodan Shot To Death By Husband, Greg & Harrison County Black Foot Soldiers Express Relief White Police Terrorist Dead

Greg County Black Foot Soldier  Lil’ Lemuel Walters says Greg and Harrison County Black Foot Soldier communities are relieved at the death of thirty eight year old Longview Police Regime Racial Terrorist Jamie Ellyn Goodan.

“The psychopathy that erupted in the so called home of these two devils this morning is the same kind of hidden psychosis we deal with from these treacherous psychopaths in each encounter.

“Jamie Ellyn Goodan was never a representative of the law. She was a representative of white people. Fuck her, her husband, racial terrorist J. B. McCaleb and city terrorist, so called “mayor” Jay Dean.” (Link)

SEE: Racist Orange County Sheriff’s Regime Terrorist Brandon Coates Last Racial Profile! Orange County Black Foot Soldiers Announce “COATES EYES PERMANENTLY SHUT PROTEST PARTY” To Disrupt Pig’s Funeral Services, Praise Brandon Lyals Courage In Face Of White Police Terror

SEE: Racist Orange County Sheriff’s Regime Terrorist Brandon Coates Last Racial Profile! Orange County Black Foot Soldiers Announce “COATES EYES PERMANENTLY SHUT PROTEST PARTY” To Disrupt Pig’s Funeral Services, Praise Brandon Lyals Courage In Face Of White Police Terror

Saturday, February 13, 2010

COWARD DOWN: Racist McCloud Police Regime Terrorist Shannon Fredman Suicide "Welcomed" By Local Black Foot Soldiers

McCloud Black Foot Soldier Sylvester Cudjo has issued a statement on behalf of the McCloud, Oklahoma Black Foot Soldiers stating that whether "so called" police officer Shannon Fredman shot himself by accident or on purpose, the Black Foot Soldier community is relieved the racial terrorist can no longer harass local blacks and uphold the white standard of justice that continues to oppress black citizens.

BILL WHITE FOR GOVENOR: HE COULDN'T KEEP CRACK OUT OF HOUSTON & WON'T KEEP IT OUT OF TEXAS, Houston Black Foot Soldiers Condemn F.A.K.E. War On Drugs & Texas Politicians

Wednesday, January 20, 2010



“When you recognize white police as terrorists, you must conclude that those who give them authority are terrorists. When you reach that conclusion you understand that those who voted to put them in positions of power are terrorists. When you reach that conclusion, you must face the reality that all white people are terrorists and, ultimately, have one agenda: to continue to dominate and rule the world by oppression.” - National Black Foot Soldier Network ."

"All white people R terrorists?" For me, St. Louis Black Foot Soldier Cedishon Angelou's summary of how, considering their past and present, white people have to be viewed is exact. The bonds of logic he uses to reach the conclusion are actually so strong even good old white folks ought to agree they're terrorists. Coupling this reality, however, with the recent findings published by the Glax Haas Institute that call for a "Humanity Alert" because "white psychosis" (clinically known as Classic American Racial Psychosis) is at its highest levels since the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade, presents us, the descendants of those never restituted for slaves, with a new challenge: with whites degenerating to a state of reprobation even greater than that of their forefathers, what will we have to do to persevere?

Monday, January 18, 2010

CHICAGO "NIGGER KILLER" ON THE LOOSE: Mr. "I've Already Killed 6 Niggers & I personally cant wait for my NEXT chance to shoot ... you rabid dogs down" publishes racially motivated terroristic agenda to Black Foot Soldiers.... Where are Chicago ShittyCops?

All, this was forwarded to me from Chicago Black Foot Soldiers. If you live in the city, this is one you'll want to watch for and protect your family from. Filled with of racist hate, this one, still carrying his club and (no doubt) eating raw meat, is straight from the Caucasus Mountains. It's published in detail on the National Black Foot Soldier Network Website where he threatened the life of brother NSBFSN journalist and Website editor Yusef Douglas and  randomly threatened all blacks. My only question's where are the shitt cops at? ... . ... . Oh, that's right, they're antiblack terrorists too.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Racist State of Texas Regime of WhiteTerrorists Execute Brother, Warrior & Political Prisoner Kenneth Mosely; "Brother Mosely Received Crown & Awarded His Virgins In Heaven for Daring Garland Bank Reparation Protest & Stand Against Garland Police Regime Terrorist Michael David Moore. Yet He is Anxious to Return & Fight Devil Again." - Texas Penitentiary Islam

Texas Black Foot Soldiers condemned Thursday's execution of warrior Kenneth Mosely but praised Mosely's refusal to apologize to the family of racist Garland police regime terrorist Michael David Moore.

"Brother Mosely demonstrated the demeanor God wants us to have against the devil when we suffer for righteousness' sake until the end," Houston Black Foot Soldier Masontae Limbrick said. "He is a role model and man of God who will be forever recognized in black history and our historic struggle against the regime of global white terrorists that continue to plague the earth."                 

According to the State of Texas: On February 15, 1997, Mosley murdered a white male police officer while attempting to rob a bank in Garland. Employees called police after noticing Mosley inside the bank acting suspicious. As one of the first officers to arrive at the scene, the victim entered the bank in full uniform and approached Mosley, noticing that the would-be bandit had his hand stuck in his waistband. When the officer told Mosley to show him his hands, a struggle ensued and the two crashed through a glass window. Witnesses heard several shots fired before Mosley re-entered the bank through the broken window and was shot in the wrist after flashing his pistol at a second police officer. The victim died the afternoon of the shooting. He suffered at least four bullet wounds to the torso.