Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hate To Rain On Your Parade Or PISS ON YOUR FUNERAL (FLASHBACK!): “don’t DRINK & PISS IN WHITE PEOPLES’ STREETS TIMOTHY PRUNTY DEATH CELEBRATION” THURSDAY THRU SATURDAY BYOB&P (Bring Your Own Beer & Piss) “no FECES BOMBING ENCOURAGED” (Sponsored by Shre- veport & Caddo Parish Black Foot Soldiers – Be A Soldier!)

According to author Peter Louis Goldman, who published The Death and Life of Malcom X (1979), in the alleged single meeting in which Civil Rights leader MLK met the Nation of Islam’s Elijah Muhammad, Dr. King asked Elijah:  Do you really believe all white people are snakes?  “Dr. King, we are both Southern men. We know that there are grass snakes, that are harmlessless and there are rattle snakes, that are poisonous. But both are snakes.” Muhammad is quoted as replying.

“There is only 1 political party in America: they are white, and they, whether Democrats or Republicans, are both devils. Keep the movement alive.” – NBFSN Cedishon Angelou
Shreveport Soldier Saint Issac Pizer

“Caucasians are not spiritually, psychologically or biologically healthy creatures,” Pizer warns. “As they were once cast out of the Holy Land, they should be cast from this city and our state. “Their historical and contemporary behavior prove that, outside of evil, they have no positive spirituality,” Pizer is quoted as saying. Their erratic, narcissistic and racially psychotic behavior will only increase with the planet’s Global warming and their skin becomes carcinogenic in the sunlight. These mother fuckers are despised by Nature and should be separated from those Nature loves.”

Controversial Shreveport Black Foot Soldier St. Issac Pizer is speaking out directly to Shittycop about the death of Racist Shreveport Police Regime Terrorist Timothy Prunty, Black On Black (BOB) crime, the Black Foot Soldier Black On White (BOW) Reparations Movement and the “indecency of the white race.”
“Nowhere in our world’s recorded history can this creature, who tries to associate himself with humanity and calls himself the white man, show where he’s demonstrated morality, justice, righteousness or human decency. God has a name for a people who have demonstrated this type of behavior all throughout their history and, yet, continue the same kind of conscienceless behavior today: reprobate.

“Reprobation is when, because of your unrepentant immorality, The Universe turns you over to your degenerate ways because She is tired of your shit and has turned you over for damnation. These self styled ‘beautiful’ and ‘superior’ mother fuckers can’t even stand in the Light of The Sun of God. They can’t stand in the light of day.

“Like the Sun of God is saying: fuck white people, they ain’t shit – those whom The Sun of God shines on with love are required to say: ‘fuck white people’ too.
“After four hundred years of slavery and a hundred years of overt racism in the post slavery era, the very descendants of those who enjoyed the luxuries of their ‘separate but equal’ society say reparations for their people’s crimes, which are still ongoing, ain’t due. You wonder why The Sun of God hates white people?
“After massacring the Native Americans and stealing their land, they force them onto reservation and relegate them to generations of continued inhumanities. You wonder why The Light of Day hates white children?

“Today, these treacherous and psychotic mother fuckers destroyed their own so called great ‘Twin Towers’ in New York city so they could start a war and continue to exploit people of other nations and races. Do crackers deserve to stand in The Light of God?”,” Saint Pizer says.
The twenty two year old self described “nigger college graduate” and “street prophet” says his life’s experiences and the wise men his life’s journey has blessed him to encounter have both enriched him with the knowledge he shares to Crips, Bloods and to those he encounters daily on the streets of Shreveport.
“We educating our brothers on the street that with their Red or Blue be sure to wear Purple – because, like in the Pen, Purple is royalty. We identify what set we from but the Purple shows we only got one enemy. And that motherfucker is white.”
Shreveport Black Foot Soldier St. Issac Pizer
DEVIL KILLS PIG: Savage Christopher Cope VS Racist Shre-veport Police Regime Terrorist Timothy Prunty; Shrevesport Black Foot Soldier Community Relieved Racial Profiling Ter-rorist Dead, “We Want Whites Out Of City & State,” Shreve-port Soldier Saint Issac Pizer; Prunty “don’t DRINK & PISS IN WHITE STREETS” Death Street Party Planned For Funeral

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